List Building Using Twitter… A New Twist

by admin on January 11, 2010

Howdy Partner,

How is your list building coming along?  Always remember the old saying, “The money is in the list”.  I know you’re probably sick of hearing that, but if you think about it, even if you only convert at 1%, for every 100 people you mail to, it equals 1 sale. 

So keep on keeping on, and don’t be afraid to take action.  By failing to take action, you get nothing.  Put up a squeeze page with your great value content, even if you don’t know if it will work, and just get it out there.  Then tweek it along the way.  There is magic in just starting.

How to use the Twitter List or Lists Feature


This is a new product that I believe will help your efforts in building a list.  If you are a Twitter fan, you will love this program.  Check it out and see if it is right for you.  I have made money and am building a list using Twitter, for free!

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FTC required disclosure:  The links in this post may be affiliate links that may or may not get me paid if you eventually decide to buy something somewhere down the road.  They would not be here if I thought they would not help you towards success.

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