List Building-Is Your Headline Freakin’ “Awesome”?

by admin on January 18, 2010

Headline –Your headline is the opening to the rest of your ad.  If your headline is weak, even the best ad copy will not get read. 

The 2 most important components of your headline are to promise value and create curiosity.  What does your target market want?  What pains them?  How can you help?  And then to build curiosity, you hold back a bit of the information.  This is a tricky balance—you need to be specific enough that your target readers will continue to read your ad, but don’t give away everything in the headline—otherwise why would they read the rest of the ad? 

Here are some headline Tips:
Use red color and 5 or 6 size font (18 or 20 point).  Red has been proven to deliver better results than black.  You always should test this, but it’s a good place to start.

Put your headline in quotes.  It creates an effect of authority—like someone said it—and it generally gets better results.

Qualify readers in the headline or sub-headline.  By specifying who you are targeting or will benefit, you will get more attention and interest from your target market.  Others may stop reading, but you aren’t trying to help them anyway. 

Be specific.  Instead of “many” use “43” or instead of “make you rich” use “make you $28,329.”  Specifics build credibility.  General words like “best” and “greatest” tend to turn readers off because they don’t believe them. Be honest though or you violate FTC rules.  Use a disclaimer at the bottom of your ad.

Paint the picture.  Try to create a visual image in the reader’s mind with your headline.  For example, “rack up sales like points on a pinball machine” creates a mental image of a pinball machine. 

Avoid outrageous claims unless you can prove them.  People are constantly being hit with claims and are naturally skeptical.  “Make $10,000 in 5 days without lifting a finger” is not realistic, and everyone knows it.  It’s great to be enthusiastic and promote the possibilities of your product or service, but keep it believable

Use keywords that grab readers and pull them in.  Some very responsive proven words and phrases are:
· Announcing…
· Discover…
· Who else wants to…
· …secrets revealed
· …closely guarded secrets
· New
· Proven
· What if I could show you…
· 28 year old college dropout stumbles upon
· Shocking
· 4 Steps to…

Think about what makes your value to prospects unique—you may even want to list all the benefits and rank them.  Then write a minimum of 10 headlines, ideally 20 or more.  By writing so many headlines, your mind will begin to come up with some creative ideas and you may come up with something much better than your first try.  Another great way to write headlines is to write some, go do something else, and then look back at your list.  You can get a new “1st impression” of them and see what’s going to grab your readers. 

Keep in mind that no matter how great you feel about your headline, you really need to test them to see what pulls best.  You may find a headline you don’t personally like as much gets better results.  You’re not trying to be a poet—you want to earn money with Internet marketing so stick with what gets the best results. 

Be careful not to make the mistake of falling in love with one headline and just assuming it’s the best you can do.  Let your readers decide.  After all, you’re trying to help them. Test, test, test.

More tips on the way, list building maniacs.


PS.  Here is a good video on one way to build an opt-in page.

How To Create Lead Capture Page Opt-in with Google pages

Disclaimer:  If you click on a link and it takes you to a page that interests you, you buy a product from them, they may pay me a commission for the recommendation.  Just thought I would let you know if you didn’t know that already.

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