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by admin on July 24, 2010

Hey List Builders, get an EDU link.  What do I mean by that? Read further…

Obama, Bush Who Cares… I want TRAFFIC!

What if the government would send traffic or at least TONS of link
juice to your websites.

They will, but you have to know where to look and what to ask.  Here is
a list of the “Authority Codes”.

Grab a copy of the list FREE:

.EDU and .GOV links on super popular and respected sites are usually
seen as IMPOSSIBLE to get until now –

With the Authority Codes it’s easy and the codes are FREE so don’t
wait a second. Do it now…

Just one of these powerful links could move your site on Google, Yahoo
or Bing by as much as 100 positions OVERNIGHT!

Claim a copy of the list here:

Enjoy and share your results,

- Thomas Fouts

P.S. The average site in the #1 position at Google only has a handful
of .edu and .gov links. Tha’s all it takes.

P.P.S. One .GOV or .EDU link can be more powerful than 1000 social
media or blog comment links at skyrocketing your site. This is a big
piece of the traffic puzzle..

Grab this FREE list right now

I tried it and couldn’t believe how quickly my site moved up! 24 hrs!

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