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by admin on January 4, 2010

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Start creating your opt-in or signup page by first determining your target market—are you marketing to cat owners, fitness enthusiasts, Adsense users, or who?  Take time with this step to be sure you are very clear. 

If you lack focus with targeting you will get low conversion rates.  You will see many unsubscribe after they realize you can’t help them.  If you’re unsure, ask yourself what knowledge or expertise do you have that others can benefit from?  Always give great value.  Overdeliver.

The importance of being clear with this step cannot be underestimated—imagine you were building a house.  This is the foundation.  If you just poured a bunch of concrete into a hole and then tried to build your house on it, how sturdy do you think it would be?  You guessed it—not very sturdy. 

Also try to be as specific as you can in thinking about your market.  For example, targeting “animal lovers” is such a wide category that it’s tough to create value.  Here’s why:

Within animal lovers you have several subgroups.  Consider dog lovers, cat lovers, rabbit lovers, pot belly pig lovers, etc.  Even further, within the “dog lovers” category you have Poodle lovers, Dalmation lovers and so on.  Now imagine your list is built by promoting to animal lovers. 

Your competitor has a list of Poodle lovers.  You market and ebook called “100 Ways to Love Your Pet” and you’re thinking that’s not bad—good content, consistent with your market.  However, the Poodle lovers on your list also subscribe to your competitor’s list.  He markets an ebook called “100 Ways to Love Your Poodle”.  Who do you think the Poodle lovers will buy from?

So get to know your niche, your market, and your customer.  Develop a relationship with your list.  Ask them what problems they have, or what they would like to find that would solve their problems or create an easier way to do something they need.  Then supply them with solutions.

More on this in the next post.

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