How To Turn Squeeze Page Hits Into Opt-In Subscribers

by admin on January 15, 2010

With your stream of traffic now on autopilot, the next important step is to create a compelling, irresistible signup page to gain subscribers.  Trying to sell directly from initial web traffic is a big mistake.  The main reason this approach does not work well is because there are so many junk offers on the Internet and people are bombarded by crazy claims, so it’s difficult to build enough trust in a single ad page to convince readers to buy from you. 

Sales of any type, on average, require 7 contacts with each prospect before enough comfort and rapport is created to make the sale.  If your only contact with prospects is when they see your sales page, it’s going to take a long time (if ever) to get those prospects to buy from you.

By capturing prospects’ names and email addresses, you now have an open invitation to build your relationship and promote products again and again.  This is where the real power lies in Internet Marketing.  Your list is what generates a consistent, dependable flow of sales and profits when used correctly.  You will find that every major money earner in this industry actively builds their lists, and they work hard to target their specific markets to get the best results and most profits.

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