Email Writing Tips – Will They Open It or Hit Delete?

by admin on January 26, 2010

Hey Partner,

Do you need some email writing tips that will improve your odds of getting your prospect or customer to open your emails?  My advice: be bold, be flashy, be catchy, be original and creative.

A very popular technique that works well is to give a handful of tips or techniques for doing something.  Examples include:

10 Tips for…
5 Secrets of…
4 Ways to…
3 Pitfalls of…
6 Shortcuts to…
7 Mistakes you must avoid…
#1 Hottest Strategy you can use now…

You start out by giving a couple sentences about each tip, and you should give some real value (if your email is just a total mask for a promotion people will see through it).  That said, these work well because it’s impossible to give complete details about how to solve a problem in a simple email. 

Often times more info or some sort of automated tool is required to really get the best results, and that plays perfectly into the strategy of putting a link in the email for a product. 

The important idea here is to provide some useful information, but keep it brief.  Then you can mention a product or service you have tried or seen that will make the process quicker, cheaper, easier. 

Be careful not to hype the product with lots of capital letters or exclamation points when using this style, because the value you provided in the tips will be overshadowed by the salesy feel of the email.  Here’s a complete example:

6 Secrets Pro’s Use to Write Hot & Responsive Emails
Hi [[firstname]],

Email has become a major part of marketing, and using it the
right way can make a major difference in your income.

Here are 6 Secrets Pro’s Use to Write Hot & Responsive Emails

Have you ever received an email that had bits of HTML code
littered throughout it?  Or emails with line breaks in weird
places that looks all jumpy and tough to read?

If you format your emails the right way, they look clean,
professional, and easy to read.  And pure and simple, that means
more responses, more credibility, and more sales for You!

1) Use line breaks at 65 characters–this line length ensures all
users can easily read and see neatly formatted messages. Longer
lines will appear choppy on some email readers.  A free tool I
use for formatting is Textpad (Wordpad sometimes does weird
things with the formatting).  Download it free here:

(To set at 65 go to ‘View’ then ‘Document Properties.’  Click the
‘Preferences’ tab and select ‘Word wrap long lines’ and ‘Save
with hard breaks’, then ‘Word break at Column number’ and type
’65′ in the box).

2) Use white space between lines for easy reading.  Use single
line breaks in any thought longer than 3-4 lines just to break it
up.  Use multiple line breaks between new thoughts or ideas.

3) Begin emails with a personal greeting, and use the prospects’
first name.  Most email autoresponder programs allow you to enter a string like
“firstname” or similar & will automatically substitute the names.

4) Create curiosity & call to action in your headlines.  Due to
the tremendous number of emails people get daily, only those that
interest readers will get opened and read.  Even if your format
is great, the email won’t get opened unless the headline is

Long headlines are okay to use–the most important factor is to
promise the reader some value by reading you email.

5) Use short, masked links. 
You’ve seen emails with website links that are 3 lines long.  Plain and simple, they’re ugly.  Also, many reveal affiliate IDs in them, and some readers will eliminate your ID and then click.  If they buy, you lose the commission.  Short links are neater, and masked links secure your affiliate income.  Here’s a free tool that does both:

6) Use a signature with your name, websites, and short ad at the
bottom.  Your online “brand” if you will is you.  Get the word
out about who you are and what you offer.   Promoting a
product or service at the end of your emails just gives you one
more chance to generate revenue.

Keep the ad short (2-3 lines at most) with a link.

Absolute Best Keyword Finder and More
(shameless affiliate link which if you click it
and buy the product, I may get paid a commission)

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