Product Launch In 90 Minutes or Less!

by admin on February 2, 2010

white hat copy cat

Hello List Builders,

There’s two ways to learn how to do product launches.
You can buy expensive courses like Product Launch
Formula and Mass Control For $2,000 – and then pour
through 20+ hours of content.

Or you can learn a simple 4 step process for us
“little guys” to use to make product launches a

And you can plan your next product launch in 90
minutes or less.

To see what the fuss is all about, click here now:
Huge Affiliate Offer

Thomas Fouts


Ps. As usual this is an affiliate link.  If you click on it and like what you see, then you just absolutely have to have this product and buy it, I may get paid a commission.  That’s what keeps this site up and pays for groceries.

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