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Hey!  Thanks for checking out my list building blog!

I am living near the shores of “The Big Blue Water” also known as Lake Michigan.  The Southwest part of Michigan is a 4 season region.  It is nice to have 4 distinct weather extremes.

Anyway, I work from a man cave, thoroughly enjoying helping others succeed online.  It all started out with me losing my income after 40 years of always having a “job”.  I started selling on eBay and quickly learned there was a whole other world online.

I love making money online with a home-based business.  Working from home has been a dream of mine as long as I can remember.  Internet marketing can give you a whole new lease on life financially if you are successful.  Believe me on this one!

I am constantly learning everyday and try to share newfound information with others.  That is what I feel the internet business is all about.  Sharing and helping others succeed.


Thomas Fouts
“Best Affiliate Training Ever”

Me and my pal Kozmo

Me and my pal Kozmo

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